Food Pyramid

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    Monde Danish Butter Cookies 365 grVan Houten Assortment  130 grSelamat Wafer Chocolate 198 grEnergen Sereal Kacang Hijau 5x30 grDelfi Orion Choco - Pie Dark 360 grBetter Sandwich Biscuit 4x22 grTango Wafer Vanilla Milk 176 grFuntime Crispy Wafers Vanilla Cream 100 grKellog's Froot Loops 300 grW..
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    Monde Danish Butter Cookies 365 gr
    Van Houten Assortment  130 gr
    Selamat Wafer Chocolate 198 gr
    Energen Sereal Kacang Hijau 5x30 gr
    Delfi Orion Choco - Pie Dark 360 gr
    Better Sandwich Biscuit 4x22 gr
    Tango Wafer Vanilla Milk 176 gr
    Funtime Crispy Wafers Vanilla Cream 100 gr
    Kellog's Froot Loops 300 gr
    Willie Chocolate Wafer 10x30 gr
    Superstar Wafer Triple Chocolate 6x18 gr
    Teh Poci Vanilla isi 25
    Butter Cookies Best of Oldies 300 gr
    Biskotto Potato Crispy Biscuits 10 gr
    Monde Serena Egg Rolls Chocolate 70 gr
    Nissin Longer Stick Biscuits 100 gr
    J&W Red Cocktail Sparkling 750 ml
    Roma Wafer Choco Blast     336 gr
    Deka Wafer Roll Choco Choco 360 gr
    Mintz Chewy Mint Candy 103.5 gr
    Omypop Pop Corn 85 gr
    Coca Cola 330 ml
    D'best Bird's Nest Drink 320 ml
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