New Born

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Freight train

19_32LNB01 -Freight train

Rp. 550,000

Feeding set, pink towel, napkin, baby set, blanket, pillow, lacey hat, gloves n booties, fluffy bolster, flowers and balloons...

Rock me baby

19_32LNB02 -Rock me baby

Rp. 675,000



19_32LNB03 -Lucille

Rp. 1,000,000

Diaper bag, baby set, mattress, baby bear, balloons and flowers...

Chanrilly lace

19_32LNB04 -Chanrilly lace

Rp. 700,000

Baby set, pillow, mug, milk bottle, napkin, Johnson Jar, fluffy toy, balloons and flowers..

Goodnight sweetheart

19_32LNB05 -Goodnight sweetheart

Rp. 725,000

Towel, bottle,powder set and soap jar, milk container, feeding set, fluffy toy, flowers n balloons...


19_32LNB06 -Be-bop-a-lula

Rp. 700,000

Baby set, feeding set, bolster, gloves and booties, milk container, fluffy toy, flowers and balloons...

Rock n roll music

19_32LNB07 -Rock n roll music

Rp. 700,000

3 sets of rattle toys, fluffy bear, flowers and balloons...

Blueberry Hills

19_32LNB08 -Blueberry Hills

Rp. 775,000

Baby set, hat, drink container, powder container, towel, bottle, milk bottle, fluffy toy, flowers and balloons...

Rock around a clock

19_32LNB09 -Rock around a clock

Rp. 725,000

Baby set, net cover, blue baby bag, baby pants, bottle, container, flowers, balloons and fluffy toy...

Showing 1 to 9 of 34 (4 Pages)